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HP is Crew Network Solutions, Inc.'s primary choice when it comes to printing solutions.  As a partner with HP we can offer you the service and hardware that best fits your needs.

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In order to comply with Meaningful Use standards, an organization must complete a Security Risk Analysis.  The purpose of this analysis is to locate any areas where the security and privacy of a patients' PHI may be compromised.  With the risk of having financial penalties for not complying with these standards, a Security Risk Analysis should be #1 on any to do list.  Crew Network Solutions, Inc. can help your organization locate and remedy the problem areas.  Contact us today to schedule your Security Risk Analysis. 


We also sell other trusted brands like SonicWALL, Fujitsu and more.  Please contact us today to find out how we can meet the needs of your company.

Crew Network Solutions, Inc. is proud to partner with one of the most trusted brands in the hardware industry, Dell.  As a partner with Dell we are able to provide our clients with reliable hardware, from Servers to Workstations.

Your companies data should never be taken for granted, that is why Crew Network Solutions, Inc. is committed to offer our clients a Business Continuity plan to ensure that your data is safe and always accessible .  As a partner with datto, we can customize a plan to backup your companies most critical data and have it readily available in the event that you have a hardware failure.  Your data, once backed up to the datto device, is transferred to two different Data Centers.  This essentially means you have up to 3 backups of your data.  Please contact Crew Network Solutions, Inc. today to learn more about datto.